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INSTANET Internet Generator S4

1,699.00 1,249.00

INSTANET is a highly reliable innovative piece of technology that combines the Internet of multiple SIM Cards along with a local Broadband and WIFI Connections and produces a robust seamless pipeline of the Internet for major broadcasting events and remote-publishing as well.

Ideal to use in remote locations for any kind of streaming, INSTANET acts as remarkably portable and cost-effective equipment that offers unlimited possibilities to boost up your lifestyle.


  • The 2.2 inch Mini Display reveals the Live Internet Speed of each SIM Card.
  • Effortlessly check the Bandwidth of each SIM Card weekly, monthly or yearly with the modernized Web Interface.
  • Stealth Mode enables networking even if the Service Provider blocks while Bonding.
  • Login, manage and check the Expiry of the Server.
  • Enables you to individually mark your connections as Master, Actor or Backup.
  • Enables you to check the Bandwidth used on the Server.
  • Reboot individual modems that hold the SIM Cards.
  • Instantly Configure using a Mobile Phone.
  • Can load balance among your local backup.
  • Provides easy Factory Reset Settings.
  • Change different modes for the SIM Cards and Backup any SIM Card.
  • Exclusively switch between five different bonding techniques.
  • Examine the Signal level of each SIM Card in real-time.
  • Highly Scalable and Upgradable.
  • Different variants of INSTANET include Model S4 which supports 4 SIM Cards, S3 which supports 3 SIM Cards, and S2 which supports 2 SIM Cards.

Technical Specification

    • Internet Connectivity
    • SIM Cards
    • 4, 3, or 2 depending upon the model
    • Broadband
    • Yes
    • WIFI
    • Yes
    • Warranty
    • 1 Year

Product Specification

    • Length of the product (in mm)
    • 155
    • Width of the product (in mm)
    • 175
    • Height of the product (in mm)
    • 65
    • Weight of the product (in gm)
    • 1285
    • Manufacturer
    • Livebox Hardware (Ivb7)

Package Contents

  • Product
  • Mains Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Mountable Belt