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What is Instacast ?

Spontaneously stream your live videos in stunningly unparalleled quality by using the INSTACAST range of Encoders which converts the raw Video format into Streamable format that can interface smoothly for standardization straight from your Camera. INSTACAST is the only infinitely ultra-modern equipment that is known for spontaneous streaming even at Low Internet Connectivity. Innovated with revolutionary futuristic technology, INSTACAST is a package deal designed to stream on and on with its rugged and durable configuration.

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Instacast Features

Latest Technology

Get optimal Audio and Video over any type of Internet Connectivity. Full Encryption helps avoid data breach or loss. Wifi client with a hotspot for device configuration.


Supports RTMP, RTMPS, HLS Multiple destination Streaming. Multi-Protocol Streaming. Seamless Streaming to any Social Media Destination at real-time.

User Friendly

Run Speed Test remotely. Supports Multi-path TCP. Compatible with any Streaming Server. Supported Frame rates are 10/15/24/25/30 fps.

High Quality

Bypass the power supply and switch between the Battery and Electrical Mains. Supports Full HD with 1080p scan resolutions.

Remotely Monitor

Remotely monitor the Bandwidth and control the device. Inbuilt system service monitoring feature for granular control. Remotely check Quality. Reboot and control WIFI signal.

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How does Instacast work?

INSTACAST comes with the most powerful dedicated processors and dedicated Graphic engines to convert your live video into codecs in real-time without losing any data. It is a stand-alone device that does its job to the max when connected to the Server and it can be remotely controlled using your Mobile Phones or PC.
When combined with LiveBox, INSTACAST magnifies the flexibility to stream with countless stunning options to stream to multiple social media destinations. INSTACAST can be operated with its exclusive, multi-purpose, incredible Touchscreen wiping out the essentiality of an external monitor.

INSTACAST comes with two distinct categories based on your necessity

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Instacast Pro

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Instacast Plus

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