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Complete Video Conferencing Suite

The Video Conferencing suite within Livebox is engineered to solve the critical problems of conducting online meetings through improved security, role based access permissions, in-built call logs, scheduler and more.

Livebox provides all the essential features to whitelabel and resell online meetings. Instantly enable online signups and set meeting limits in just a few clicks.

Easy to use API

Livebox comes in-built with role based enterprise-grade API and SDK for live streaming and video conferencing integration with any existing software or hardware. This is available as cloud-hosted solution or on-premise solution.

White Labellable

Reseller Module for IT solution providers

Users and Roles with granular permissions

Desktop sharing

Moderator Privileges

Password protected meeting rooms

YouTube video sharing

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Text Chat

Mobile App Generator

Instant deployment

LAN, Intranet or Internet mode setup

100% Client to Server encryption

RTMP Streaming of live video conferences

Call Logs


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Features Highlights


Video Conference

Enjoy seamless video conferencing with your colleagues and peers.

Live Stream

Take your video conferencing to the next level by streaming it LIVE to multiple social media destinations like Youtube, Facebook, Periscope and/or any website.

Screen Sharing

Employ the latest desktop sharing tool to make things easier and simple.


SSL encryption for privacy and security. Encrypted rooms with secure keys- We do care about your privacy & security.


Live Interactive Chat

Discuss and engage in Live Interactive Chats make the meetings and training sessions more lively than ever.


Engage in meaningful conversations by illustrating and putting things into action.

Youtube Sharing

Multiple Videos sharing while on the conference or meeting has proved better clarity


Available as a Cloud-hosted solution or on-premise solution for Integration


Livebox Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Solution


Churches are going digital, as the actual circumstances might or might not be conducive for the congregation to gather and conduct worship services. Churches have long been live streaming and it has become a new necessity for the congregation to meet up virtually to build each other.

What do we provide for Churches?

Bringing about a live experience to the congregation by involving the congregation itself makes the worship services more meaningful. With Livebox™, it is possible to provide Multiple Remote Location Streaming.


Interactive online get-togethers

LiveboxTM Video Conferencing Solution provides the opportunity to organize get-together meetings involving the active participation of the Church community.


Multiple people participation

LiveboxTM enables you to involve your Chorister, Bible reader, Family groups, Multiple preachers, and many more participants located remotely who can make the moment more significant.

Live online broadcasting

Broadcasting has never been this easy. This exclusive feature of LiveboxTM allows you to live-stream your Video conferencing simultaneously to multiple destinations.

Video Conferencing Solution

Educational Organizations

It has become inevitable for educational organizations to go online as a large group of learners prefer distance learning over learning at a physical institute. Sharing the desktop screen and effective usage of online tools has resulted in the rapid growth in online learners.

What do we provide for Educational Organizations?

An essential aspect of effective learning is active interaction between the trainer and the trainee. Livebox™ Video Conferencing Solution is the one-stop solution for the trainers who would like to become an influencer. Creating more lively Virtual Classrooms with an interactive chat facility is a total game-changer in the prevailing world of conventional learning.


Live interactive chats

Education is incomplete if it is a one-way asset. The Live chats in LiveboxTM help the students to raise doubts and involve in constructive discussions on the topic.


Private channels and Webinars

Create any number of Educational channels and enable more number of students to watch your classes by charging on a subscription basis. Engage all your learners at the same time by conducting Webinars and make them available online as Video-on-demand.

Virtual Classrooms with multi-functional facility

Virtual Writing board with real-time live classroom interactions, the Spreadsheets and the live-sharing of videos make the students have an actual classroom experience – when learning from home.

Livestreaming Hospitals
Video Conferencing Solution


The Medical sector is the one major sector that has the ultimate need to go digital. History has been altered hugely by the inefficacies in the medical field. That is the reason which makes Telemedicine and Mobile Clinics essential.

What do we provide for Hospitals?

With the help of Livebox™ Video Conferencing, Doctors can ease their work and save their time. With the help of the software, Doctors can schedule their appointments with the patients and set up reminders. This will sequentially save a lot of Time and Money. The digital transmission of medical imaging, remote medical diagnosis, and evaluations, and video consultations with specialists are some of the salient features of using our ultra-modern, sophisticated software.


Mobile Clinics

Create your own Mobile clinics and schedule appointments. Share your E-prescription to the patients or link them with the online medical stores.


Online Meeting with global surgeons

Networking with global experts in the respective fields is made smooth and seamless. With the help of the LiveboxTM Software, doctors can also live stream their Video Conference to multiple social media platforms to create awareness.

Training Sessions

Conduct Webinars and Training sessions for the junior doctors and trainees and live-stream your sessions, making them available as Videos-on-demand on a subscription basis.

Video Conferencing Solution

Corporate Companies

The era has suffered major transformational phases that have altered the business perspective of every emerging industry. Businesses are run virtually to make them more sustainable. Video Conferencing is an inevitable tool for any industry as it has proved to be the most powerful tool in the realm of Online communication.

What do we provide for Corporates?

Livebox™ has brought about a global comprehensive approach that assures sustaining longevity and increasing the usage of resources.


Virtual Offices

Virtual offices from LiveboxTM are highly productive and hold simultaneous multi-user communicational facilities with robust autoscaling and real-time monitoring which in turn has resulted in creating more lively and high-yielding offices.


Real-time sharing

The Screen sharing feature, which is a time-saver, enables the employees to share their desktop screens with their team and their officials. The user-friendly interface enables smoother data sharing and networking.

Encryption & Software Integration

LiveboxTM provides you with the most secure software which can be integrated with any existing CRM or software. The SSL encryption allows you to use the online platform with secure keys.