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Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants demand reliable connectivity for seamless operations, from monitoring production lines to facilitating real-time communication between departments.INSTANET Advanced Internet router is a solution designed to address the connectivity challenges faced by manufacturing businesses.

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INSTANET for Manufacturing Plants?

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Save costs on storage, CPU, and GPU by moving your cloud infrastructure on-premise.

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Single Device Solution

INSTANET serves as a Cloud-On-premise converter, simplifying the transition to a hybrid setup.

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Available as a physical device or virtual appliance, providing customization options for your manufacturing needs


A Boost Efficiency for Manufacturing

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Load Balancing for Optimized Network Performance

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Failover to Keep Operations Running Smoothly

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Bypass to Overcome Network Restrictions


Manufacturing Plant Specific Use-Cases

Remote Monitoring of Production

INSTANET can be used to maintain a constant stream of data from production line cameras and sensors, guaranteeing real-time oversight even with low bandwidth.

Digital Record Keeping

With high-speed internet, INSTANET aids in digitally maintaining accurate records of production, inventories, and logistics operations.

Video Conferencing for Maintenance

Technical support and maintenance can be conducted through video conferencing, leveraging the stable internet provided by INSTANET to diagnose and resolve issues promptly.

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Benefits for Manufacturing Plants

Features Benefits
Consistent Internet On the Move Ensures seamless internet connectivity for vehicles within the manufacturing plant premises.
On-Premise Servers Allows implementation of on-site Al, hosting services, containerization, and virtual machines for more control and cost-saving.
SDWAN Interconnectivity Connects different branches of manufacturing with streamlined networking.
Work from Home Access Enables employees to access in-house PCs securely for remote operations through the browser.
ISP Agnostic Static Public IP Provides flexibility and ease of access regardless of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Network Analytics Offers insights into bandwidth usage and IP distribution control for better network management.
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Manufacturing Excellence

Transform your manufacturing plant with INSTANET- the gateway to enhanced connectivity, efficiency, and cost savings. Join leading manufacturing facilities that have embraced the future of networking.

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