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Welcome to the forefront of research connectivity. INSTANET, an innovative Internet Generator, is poised to redefine the way research centers operate. Dive into the details of how INSTANET can empower research centers with advanced networking solutions, fostering collaboration, and propelling research endeavors to new heights.

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Unparalleled Internet Connectivity for

Collaborative Research

INSTANET's commitment to seamless internet connectivity is a game-changer for research centers engaged in collaborative projects. By combining multiple internet connections, INSTANET ensures a stable and robust network, facilitating efficient communication, data sharing, and real-time collaboration, even in remote or challenging environments.
INSTANET's Load Balancing and Failover features guarantee uninterrupted connectivity, preventing downtime during critical research operations.
The ability to prioritize bandwidth for specific applications ensures optimal performance for data-intensive research tasks.

Secure Data Management
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INSTANET empowers research centers with the capability to establish on-premise servers, fostering secure and efficient data management and analysis. This is a pivotal advantage for research projects involving large datasets, AI applications, and computational simulations.

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INSTANET's on-premise infrastructure ensures data sovereignty and compliance with privacy regulations, crucial for handling sensitive research data.

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Researchers can benefit from low-latency access to locally hosted servers, enhancing the speed and efficiency of their work.

Interconnecting Research Facilities with SDWAN

INSTANET's SDWAN capabilities create a seamlessly interconnected network for research centers, facilitating efficient data exchange and collaboration across dispersed facilities.

The dynamic bandwidth allocation feature of SDWAN ensures that critical research applications receive the necessary resources for optimal performance.

INSTANET's SDWAN enhances security protocols, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of research data during inter-facility data transfers.

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Facilitating Remote Research Access with RBAC

INSTANET introduces a secure Work From Home solution, allowing researchers to access in-house resources remotely. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) ensures secure access without compromising sensitive research data.
The browser-based interface for remote access simplifies the user experience, eliminating the need for complex software installations.
RBAC enables research center administrators to customize access levels, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific resources.



INSTANET's ISP agnostic static public IP addresses with NATing features elevate the security posture of research center networks, safeguarding against external threats.

The NATing features provide an additional layer of anonymity, enhancing the security of research operations.

INSTANET's security protocols are designed to meet the stringent requirements of research data protection standards.

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Network Analytics and Control
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INSTANET's advanced network analytics empower research centers to gain granular insights into bandwidth usage, control IP distribution, and manage internal devices with precision.

Real-time analytics dashboards provide researchers with a comprehensive view of network performance, aiding in proactive issue resolution.

The ability to prioritize specific research applications ensures optimal network resource utilization.

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INSTANET enables research centers to establish mini data centers on-site, reducing reliance on external cloud services. The capability to create mobile research units within moving vehicles opens new possibilities for field research.

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On-site mini data centers enhance research center autonomy, reducing costs associated with external cloud service subscriptions.

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Mobile research units equipped with INSTANET offer a flexible and dynamic approach to data collection and analysis in remote locations.

Reverse Load Balancer

for Scalability

INSTANET's reverse load balancing feature ensures that research centers can effortlessly handle spikes in incoming server traffic, enhancing scalability for research applications and services.

The reverse load balancer facilitates the efficient distribution of incoming server traffic, preventing bottlenecks during peak research activity. Scalability is crucial for accommodating the growing demands of research projects, ensuring a smooth and responsive research environment.

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