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Unveiling the Advanced Features of
INSTANET for Hospitals
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Seamless Internet Connectivity for Critical Healthcare Operations

Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Benefits for Hospitals

INSTANET ensures uninterrupted and reliable internet connectivity for critical health care operations. By seamlessly combining multiple internet connections using advanced bonding technology hospitals can maintain a constant high-speed internet experience The load balancing feature optimizes network traffic, and in the event of a primary link failure, the failover mechanism swiftly switches to backup connection guaranteeing seamless operations during crucial healthcare procedures.

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Bonding Technology

Combine multiple internet connections seamlessly.

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Load Balancing

Optimize network traffic for efficient data transfer.

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Failover Mechanism

Ensure continuous connectivity during primary link failures.

Media Management

Efficient Data Handling and Secure Storage for Medical Records

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Secure Data Storage

Compliant storage of vast medical records

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Transform medical content for diverse applications.

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Streaming Capabilities

Live stream medical procedures or educational content.

Benefits for Hospitals

INSTANET's media management excellence provides hospitals with efficient data handling and secure storage solutions. Securely store vast amounts of medical records while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Utilize encoding and transcoding capabilities to transform medical content for analysis and teleconsultations. The streaming capabilities facilitate live streaming of medical procedures or educational content, contributing to enhanced patient care and continuous medical education.

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Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure

Pay-Per-View Services

Monetize medical content through subscription- based webinars.

Video Conferencing

Reduce costs with remote patient consultations and interdisciplinary meetings.

OTT Services

Establish in-hospital educational channels with on-demand health content.

Benefits for Hospitals

INSTANET presents cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions with features designed for efficiency and revenue potential, Hospitals can monetize medical content through subscription-based webinars with Video Conference pay-per-view services. Video conferencing reduces costs associated with physical presence. More


Seamless Communication and Collaboration

INSTANET facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among medical professionals. The HDWAN connectivity enables the connection of remote hospital locations, ensuring uninterrupted data sharing. The server load balancer optimizes access to critical applications and medical records, enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, hospitals can effortlessly distribute medical education updates through podcasting, fostering continuous learning among staff.

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HDWAN Connectivity

Connect remote hospital locations seamlessly.

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Server Load Balancer

Optimize access to critical applications and medical records.

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Distribute medical education updates effortlessly.


Customizable Solutions for Healthcare Needs


Tailored Configurations

Adapt configurations based on hospital size and layout.


Scalable Options

Choose scalable solutions for future expansion.

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Customize solutions to specific needs for optimal performance.

Benefits for Hospitals

INSTANET offers customizable solutions tailored to healthcare needs. Hospitals can adapt configurations based on size and layout, ensuring an optimized network setup. Scalable options accommodate future expansion and changes in medical data requirements. The flexibility to customize solutions ensures hospitals receive a tailored approach for optimal performance.

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Seamless Internet Management

Manage internet sources for reliable and consistent connectivity.

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Secure Data Handling

Efficiently manage secure data storage and media management.

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Advanced Connectivity

Technologies: Utilize 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies for enhanced connectivity.


Healthcare Ecosystem

INSTANET creates an integrated healthcare ecosystem by seamlessly managing internet sources for reliable connectivity. The platform efficiently handles secure data storage and media management. With advanced connectivity technologies such as 3G, 4G, and 5G, hospitals experience enhanced connectivity for streamlined healthcare operations.

Partnering for Enhanced Healthcare Services

Embark on Your Healthcare Transformation Journey

Next-Gen Connectivity

Leverage advanced connectivity technologies for enhanced services.

Media Management Excellence

Ensure efficient data handling and secure storage.

Customized Solutions

Tailor configurations for specific hospital needs.

Benefits for Hospitals

Embark on a transformative journey with INSTANET, leveraging advanced features for enhanced healthcare services. Experience next-gen connectivity, media management excellence, and customized solutions tailored to specific hospital needs. Partner with us to optimize patient care, communication, and overall hospital operations.

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