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For Hospitals

The medical field is utilizing live streaming technology to consult with patients & educate other professionals. The potential for improving lives using live streaming in the medical field is inspiring and could revolutionize healthcare for patients around the world. While telemedicine isn’t in every hospital yet, 86 percent of healthcare executives who don’t currently have it expect to have a system in place in the near future


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Livestreaming For hospitals

Why are hospitals using live streaming?


Mobile consultations

Everyone should have access to doctors, but that isn’t always easy, especially for people living in remote areas or who have limited ability to leave their home. Live streaming is one way for hospitals and medical professionals to see patients who can’t make it into the office. In fact, 84 percent of patients would prefer to interact with their healthcare provider digitally instead of in-person.


Live streaming surgeries

Hospitals across the country are live streaming surgeries for instructional purposes. Many of these surgeries are live-streamed at professional conferences or in educational settings to give viewers a first-hand look at new and complicated procedures.

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Conduct webinars

Doctors lead webinars to spread information to students, medical professionals, and other doctors worldwide. Using live streaming technology allows doctors to reach a wide audience without geographical limitations.

Livestreaming Hospitals
What makes us unique

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hos_Easy integration

Easy integration

Works with your existing tools

Easily integrate Livebox’s mini live encoder with your existing medical equipment, ranging from scanning equipment to patient monitors. You can use this technology to quickly monitor and assess your patient’s current condition even when you aren’t in the same room.

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Manage your schedule

Don’t waste time

Doctors are incredibly busy and don’t have time to waste, especially when it comes to managing their schedules. With Livebox’s medical broadcast suite, doctors can easily manage their time and schedule so they can quickly attend and respond to critical emergencies.



Protect your patients

Livebox operates on a fully secure platform, so your patients’ information is protected. Your live streams are all password protected, which ensures that only your intended viewers are granted access to your live streams. This also ensures that consultations with patients are completely private.

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