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Connectivity for
IT Infrastructures

Instanet offers a versatile solution for IT companies, providing consistent and reliable connectivity to manage complex infrastructures seamlessly. With its advanced features like load balancing, bonding multiple WAN connections, and support for diverse internet types, Instanet ensures uninterrupted connectivity critical for running IT operations smoothly.

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WFH Accessibility with

Enhanced Security

For companies transitioning to a remote work model, Instanet serves as a secure gateway, enabling employees to access their in-house PCs remotely. Its Remote Desktop Gateway with role-based access control ensures a secure and convenient WFH experience, allowing employees to connect to their office systems securely via a browser, streamlining remote work processes.

Benefits of

INSTANET Combined with LIVEBOX for

IT Companies and WFH Individuals

Consistent Internet On-the-Move Allows remote work with reliable connectivity for teams on-the-move (e.g., sales, field service). Ensures a stable connection while traveling or relocating.
On-Premise Server Setups Migrates cloud infrastructure in-house for cost savings and control over data. Provides robust home office setups with server capabilities
SDWAN Interconnectivity Enables secure connection of multiple branch offices for integrated operations. Facilitates secure access to company networks from home.
Work From Home Access via Browser Offers remote desktop access to employees' in-house PCs, increasing productivity and flexibility. Ease of accessing office systems securely without additional software.
ISP Agnostic Static Public IP with NATing Provides consistent public facing IP addresses for services not dependent on ISP. Simplifies remote access to home-based devices and services.
Network Analytics & Control Monitors and controls IP distribution and internal device naming for better management. Allows personal network optimization and control over IP distribution.
AI, Hosting, and CRM On-Premise Self-host vital services for improved performance and security. Access to powerful on-premise tools for freelancers and home businesses.
Internet Bonding & Failover Keep services online with combined bandwidth from multiple ISPs and quick failover. Reliable internet with bandwidth aggregation for uninterrupted work.
Hardware-based HDWAN Secure and always-on connectivity for datacenters and branch offices. Stable home office network akin to enterprise-grade solutions.

Network Control and Management

Instanet's centralized network management capabilities empower IT departments by providing comprehensive control and visibility over network infrastructure. This feature allows for dynamic adjustments, configuration changes, and efficient troubleshooting, simplifying the management of distributed IT environments across different locations.

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Collaboration and Communication

Instanet's video conferencing and streaming capabilities facilitate seamless collaboration among IT teams, ensuring efficient communication and problem-solving regardless of physical locations. Its reliable connectivity and robust features foster real-time discussions, aiding in prompt decision-making and project management.

In conclusion, Instanet emerges as an indispensable tool for IT companies seeking robust connectivity solutions to manage their infrastructure effectively while offering a secure and streamlined remote work environment, thereby enhancing productivity and collaboration among their teams.

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