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Some events are private affairs. Others are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, including people who can’t be there in person. Livestreaming your next event can help you reach a wider audience and generate future sales. A recent study found that 67 percent of people who watch a live stream of an event ended up buying a ticket to attend a similar event in-person. Whether you’re a company looking to stream your next product launch or a family who wants to stream video from a wedding or other event, Livebox has you covered with our live streaming services for events.


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Why are people live streaming events?

Our world is becoming increasingly smaller as people engage with brands, products, and companies across the world. In addition to companies live streaming product launches and conferences, individuals are starting to live stream personal events to accommodate family members and friends who can’t attend an event in person.

There are a lot of reasons to live stream your next event. Here are some to consider :


Reach a wider audience

Contrary to popular belief, adding a live stream to your event won’t detract from your in-person audience. People go to conferences and events to network and make personal connections. But sometimes they just can’t be there physically. Adding a live stream option opens your event up to a wider audience and can convince people watching from home to attend your event in-person next time.


Create a community

Your live stream will create a virtual community among viewers. They can chat with each other and engage with each other through the shared experience of watching your event via a live stream.

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Save money

Event planners can save on costs by having to provide meals, space, and lodging for fewer people if attendees have the option to watch a live stream instead of be physically present. In addition, individuals and companies who can’t afford the cost of sending someone to an event in person can save valuable time and money by allowing the attendee to watch the live stream.

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event_Archive your event
Archive your event
Keep a record for the future

Livebox has an archive feature that allows you to store your recorded event so you can have it for the future. This can be helpful for creating promotional videos, sharing videos as part of a larger portfolio, or just to have a reference of what happened at your event.

Live chat
Improve engagement

Keep your live stream audience engaged at all times with Livebox’s live chat feature. This allows virtual attendees to ask questions, respond to what’s happening, and interact with each other.

event Real time viewer stats Livebox
Real-time viewer stats
See who’s watching

Know exactly how many people are watching your event with real-time viewer stats. Livebox keeps track of how many people are watching your live stream at any given time, so you can make data-driven decisions about exactly when and what you should live stream at your event.

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