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Technology has dramatically changed the way we view education. Thanks to video technology, the education experience is no longer limited to a physical classroom. Whether you’re a university that offers online classes or a specialized instructor who wants to reach students around the world through webinars and training sessions, Livebox can help you set up the perfect live stream for your education platform.


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Livestreaming for education

Why are educators using live streaming?


Reach a wider audience

Getting rid of the physical classroom means educators can reach a global audience. Live streaming brings the classroom into the homes of people around the world. If you’re launching an online course or webinar, live streaming will give you access to a much wider audience than you can get through traditional educational means.


Students prefer online learning

Colleges and universities around the world are embracing online courses. Students prefer them for their flexibility. They also appreciate the ability to review online materials once the class period is over. Colleges and universities who utilize live streaming are able to offer their courses to more people and create a more diverse classroom.

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Promotes digital literacy

A recent study found that 95 percent of educators say that video plays a critical role in digital literacy. Utilizing live streaming in the classroom gives educators a unique opportunity to explore digital literacy by engaging students through video.

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Protect student privacy

Livebox’s streaming platform is completely secure. You can password protect your online course so only registered users are granted access.

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Storage included

Keep video for your records

Livebox includes video storage so you can access on-demand videos, webinars, and live training anytime. This can be especially helpful if you want to restream webinars or classes.

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Unlimited Licenses

Give your entire institution access

With unlimited licenses, faculty at your institution can all enjoy full access to Livebox. We include training software so everyone can learn how to use Livebox for live streaming.

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