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with INSTANET in 6G

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Seamless Connectivity for

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Instanet ensures consistent and high-speed connectivity, catering to the demands of lot devices in a 6G ecosystem.
Faster data transfer rates and lower latency support real-time applications crucial for lot in 6G.

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Instanet's bonding feature merges multiple internet connections, enhancing network reliability for uninterrupted lot operations.

Accommodates different connection types (Wi-Fi, wired, cellular) to ensure continuous IoT device operation.

High-Bandwidth Applications
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Accommodating High Data Throughput

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Instanet is designed to accommodate high bandwidth requirements, crucial for seamless operation in a 6G environment.

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Load balancing ensures optimal distribution of network traffic, preventing bottlenecks for bandwidth-intensive IoT applications.

Failover Mechanisms for Uninterrupted Service

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Instanet's robust networking capabilities support real-time data analytics, fostering advanced capabilities enabled by 6G.

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Reliability and Continuity

Failover Mechanisms for Uninterrupted Service

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Instanet's failover function ensures uninterrupted lot operations by automatically switching to a backup connection in case of primary failure.

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Crucial for maintaining continuous data flow, especially in a 6G-powered lot environment.

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Cloud NAT for Device Security and Management

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Essential for managing and securing lot devices in a 6G environment.

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Crucial for maintaining continuous data flow, especially in a 6G-powered lot environment.


HDWAN for Remote Connectivity

HDWAN technology in Instanet offers sophisticated network control and virtualization for efficient connectivity across multiple loT systems. Allows setting up virtual networks to prioritize loT traffic, enhancing network management in a 6G landscape.

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Server Load Balancer

Instanet includes server load balancing to manage high traffic demands of lot systems, ensuring optimal server capacity and overall system performance.

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Get Started with INSTANET for IoT in 6G

Feature Description Relevance to IoT in 6G
Bonding Combines multiple internet connections Ensures reliable connectivity for lot devices
ISP Agnostic Works with any service provider Flexibility for IoT systems to operate in various regions
Static Public IP Provides static IP addresses Remote accessibility of lot devices
HDWAN Hardware Defined Wide Area Network feature Connects multiple lot device networks
Work From Home RDP gateway Secure browser-based remote access Enables remote lot device management
Load Balancing Balances TCP and HTTP loads across servers Maintains device performance during high traffic
Server Load Balancer For on-premise server setup Locally balance traffic for onsite loT deployments
Mini Data Centers On-premise infrastructure setup possible For local IoT data processing and analytics
Remote Desktop Gateway Browser-based RDP and VNC protocols Streamlines remote lot deployment management

Mini Data Centers for

On-Premise IoT Processing

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IoT, the need for efficient and localized data processing has become more critical than ever. INSTANET addresses this demand by offering the capability to set up mini data centers on-premise. Here's a closer look at how this feature revolutionizes lot processing

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On-Premise Infrastructure Setup

Enhanced Data Processing: INSTANET empowers organizations to establish on-premise mini data centers, providing a dedicated and localized infrastructure for processing loT-generated data.

Reduced Latency: By bringing data processing closer to the source. INSTANET minimizes latency, ensuring rapid analysis and response times for time-sensitive lot applications.

Real-Time Analytics: The on-premise setup facilitates real-time analytics, enabling organizations to extract valuable insights from IoT data instantaneously.

Remote Desktop Gateway for Streamlined Management

In the dynamic realm of lot, effective management and oversight of connected devices are paramount. INSTANET introduces a Remote Desktop Gateway with browser-based RDP and VNC protocols, providing a streamlined approach to remote lot deployment management:

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Browser-Based RDP and VNC Protocols


INSTANET's Remote Desktop Gateway supports widely-used RDP and VNC protocols accessible through web browsers, eliminating the need for additional software installations.


The browser-based approach offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing IoT administrators to connect to devices effortlessly from any location with internet access.


INSTANET ensures compatibility across various operating systems, enabling administrators to manage IoT deployments seamlessly from diverse devices.

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