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According to a survey conducted by LifeWay Research, it was concluded that the majority of churches (84 percent) use digital platforms to connect with their members. Adding a live stream can bring new and current audience closer to your church community and encourage engagement even when they can’t be present.


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Why should churches go live?

Static videos on YouTube or Facebook are great to keep as records. Adding a live stream to your website, though, can help you reach more people during your service and encourage a greater sense of community through your digital outlets.

Here are some reasons churches are going live :


Gives new members a preview of what to expect

A live stream gives people an accurate idea of what they can expect from your church before they make the commitment to attend a service.


It brings your church community to people who can’t be there in person

Livestream brings the church experience to people who are sick, traveling, or deployed. Help church members stay connected with the entire church community even when they can’t be there.

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It helps people stay in the habit of attending church

Even the most devout churchgoers need to miss once in a while. A live stream makes it easy to keep the habit of attending mass when life gets hectic.

What makes us unique

Features Highlights


Video Archives

Keep a record

Archive your prayer sessions, sermons, bible study, testimonies, chair concerts, lecture events and worship by recording and stream it later.


IPTV Toolkit

Go Beyond Distance

Create your own IPTV mobile app for your congregation. You can share videos from the recorded archive, video files and YouTube playlists.


Video Receiver

Go Beyond Physical Limitations

Starting satellite churches and centrally controlling the livestream is possible with the video decoding devices, called the Video Receiver.

Integrated Web Hosting

Integrated Web Hosting

Be well thought out

You can save money by hosting multiple web applications inside the Livebox server and centrally control them from a single sign on.


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